What People Are Saying

I release #onesongpermonth on YouTube. The best way you can support my music is to head over to my YouTube channel, subscribe, hit the bell button for notifications on each new post and leave your likes and comments. I post about my psychological ideas, music experiences, and live performances, and you can look forward to a new post every Sunday.

I'm a folk singer based in Birmingham, AL.. I'm interested in bringing people together through music so they can share their unique ideas and experiences. I write songs which are often noted for their straightforward honest humor, and have been fortunate to have 14 songs featured on local radio or TV. I have produced such classics as I Can’t Find a Damn Thing, When You Love Somebody (You Put Up With A Lot Of Shit), The Social Awareness Song, New Pants, Funky Patriotism, Drinking Thinking Chimpanzeez, Discount Liquor Cigarettes & Beer, Blue Ball Blues, Lower Your Standards and Please Don’t Be a Fucking Idiot. When I wrote a song about a spider that walked across my wall a little bit too fast, I knew I'd never run out of new songs.

"You will be famous” - My Mom 

“.... Whereas I do believe that your songwriting is very good and your guitar playing is improving and showing more confidence...................... you sing like a Depression-era Okie!   You're a middle class, well educated, Silicon Valley native. Listen to John Stewart's "California Bloodlines ..." - My Dad

"Where is his brain? What great lyrics!" - Daniel Day

"Clever boy! Don't miss him!" - From Facebook

"One of my favorite New Mexico songwriters. David Bridwell tells it like it is. Life in Albuquerque without apology. Some of which can't be played on the radio." - Michael Roth

"One of the most original and prolific singer songwriters in the Burque ... richly layered Americana sounds ... his lyrics are like the pancakes you wanna roll your body and mind into, his voice the syrup." - Kaatje Gotcha 

"I have pigeonholed u as a disciplined machine that always gets it done no matter what" - From a text